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A Closer Look: Signs for VR Terminology

A Closer Look: Signs for VR Terminology” is an interactive online resource featuring signs that might be used in Vocational Rehabilitation. It includes a video clip of each fingerspelled word, the ASL sign, and a sentence using the sign in context. The term, its definition, and a context sentence are also integrated into the page to provide full access. This resource is a great tool for vocational rehabilitation counselors, interpreters, students who are deaf, staff in Disability Services offices, sign language instructors, professionals in the field of deafness, and those who wish to increase their sign vocabulary.

*Latest versions of Adobe Reader and Quicktime are required to properly view this document! (See notes/links at the bottom of this page for information about recent updates to Chrome & Firefox affecting this resource.)

The resource is divided into 18 sections; each PDF document will open in a separate browser window. Please note that files contain a large amount of content and may take 60 to 90 seconds (or more depending on your internet connection) to open before navigating through the document (size noted beside each file). As a note, Chrome and Firefox seem to provide quicker download speeds with this document than IE:

*Mac users, Safari internet plug-ins can create a problem with opening this document in Safari. 

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Firefox - http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/view-pdf-files-firefox-without-downloading-them?s=View+PDFs+in+browser&r=2&e=es&as=s#w_using-a-pdf-reader-plugin